Taking Stock

Swiss Alps

Reflecting on 2023, it was a full and rewarding year including coaching relationships with value based senior leaders, consulting work with diverse teams demonstrating strong purpose and for the first time  in quite a while, speaking opportunities at professional events. A coaching client shared that “Rob’s approach to coaching is accessible, informed by best practice, and meets you where you are as a leader.”

On a personal level, travelling to Italy and Switzerland with my wife Faye, leading rides for the Bow Cyclist club, competing in several cycling events and my work with Youth en Route as a Cyclist in Residence at local high schools were all extremely rewarding (see:  https://www.youthenroute.ca/rob-crooks-shares-his-passion-for-cycling/). Including my indoor training and outdoor rides, I rode over 11,000 km, without any major accidents or injuries.

My personal focus was ‘honouring’ and I had many opportunities to celebrate my strengths, the memory of my Dad and providing assistance to Mom as our family supports her health and independence.

This year, 2024, is off to a fast start with a number of new clients, coaching relationships and projects emerging including a private sector client. I am enjoying some reading, including My Effin’ Life by Geddy Lee (I am a long-time Rush fan!) and The Leader as Coach (Sprout Model), by my friend and colleague Ed Temple. I’m hitting the gym after many years, working with a new strength and conditioning coach and looking ahead to several cycling events.  My personal focus and theme for 2024 is ‘Purpose and Presence’ and I will establish objectives in line with this.

I wish you a meaningful and healthy 2024 and when we connect, you are empowered to ask me how I’m doing on my focus theme!