Rob Crooks Consulting launches a new brand

In 1998 I started my journey as an independent consultant, initially focused on workplace wellness strategy & training program delivery. Flash forward (and I mean flash!!) 24 years and today I am excited to be launching the fourth iteration of my consulting identity and brand.

While I have always been aware of my high need for autonomy, I have not always been a comfortable entrepreneur. At times, I drifted from my natural gifts and purpose to take on internal roles and most often within a year or two, my well-being and commitment would deteriorate and with it, many of my valued working relationships.

The past two years have provided me an opportunity for not only reflection, but to join new communities of practice to learn from and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. My focus word for 2022 is ‘momentum’, as I dedicate myself to deliver high quality organizational effectiveness services to clients with new competencies and services including coaching.

In the spirit of collaboration and gratitude, I would like to acknowledge:

  • the amazing team at Carmella Marketing in helping me arrive at my vibrant new brand
  • my wife Faye for taking all the creative work and developing my first website
  • a ton of encouragement and support from my two daughters Erin and Rachel
  • my Mom & Dad, Norma and Bill Crooks, who grounded me in the values that guide me today
  • all my past and current clients – I have learned so much from all of you!
  • my talented colleagues, a number of whom I consider mentors
  • my wonderful friend and adventure companion, Martin Flanagan with Canada Rail Vacations, for allowing me to use some visuals from a recent company video Faye and I were able to be part of, along with the talented production team from Pipehouse