Welcome 2023!

Hello everyone:

As I pause, breathe & reflect on the past year, three themes come to mind:

First, my focus starting 2022 was ‘momentum’ in my consulting practice. One of the areas I accomplished momentum was my coaching work. I had the opportunity to work with a number of talented senior leaders who had specific areas they had identified for personal development and perhaps more importantly, were willing to embrace healthy vulnerability in my conversations with them. I thank each of these individuals for the opportunity to partner with them and am excited for their continued growth in 2023.

Second, I experienced much joy in sharing my coaching purpose as a ‘vibrant guide and playful collaborator’ through my leadership coaching, coaching work in partnership with Michelle Phaneuf (Workplace Fairness West) & Deborah Connors (Leading a Better Place to Work) and role as a volunteer ride leader with the Bow Cyclists.  I continue to receive feedback that people are attracted to my positivity, subject matter expertise and ease to talk to. I draw energy from working with others who are goal oriented, willing to take on self-accountability and have an optimistic view of life.

Last, I experienced personal loss in the passing of my Dad, Bill Crooks. As I posted on Linkedin, this fall, Dad had a significant impact on my life and who I am as a coach/consultant, husband and father. I will  continue to celebrate his wonderful life by dedicating my work to his memory this year, through my new focus of ‘honouring’.

I wish you a very meaningful and rewarding 2023.